Dear friends. I have been for a long time frustrated by the limitation within the RB infrastructure when it comes to featuring works. I find the layout limiting and not aesthetically pleasing. A few of you may have noticed the creation of THE PALETTE as a way to improve communications between the various groups I host and to help foster more of an inter group spirit. This vision is slowly taking shape and I think for the most part it has received a positive response. Now I am looking at moving our features to a designated page within THE PALETTE and hope to transfer all of our features past and present to these pages as time allows. I hope you will all agree that this format works better than the present as very few people go over past features the way they are presented now, whereas the new format will make more images available to be viewed by the public and hopefully translating to more views to your individual works. Each work featured in THE PALETTE will be individually linked back to your page. Once I have transferred the features I will be reposting a new banner on each work which is linked to the page. It would be helpful also if you can all share it on your various social networks.The more that people share the more chance our feature page will come up in google search engines and the more views.

Please bear with me as I am constructing the site and please report any broken links

thank you all for your support in this group :-)




13/10/2012 8:29pm

Great idea, Sylwia. How very creative of you. I love the layout. Excellent work!!

16/10/2012 7:55pm

thanks Tori..good to get some positive feedback!


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