In the red; on the vibrancy of things

This dynamic opening show in the new UQ Anthropology Museum Gallery, explores through recent acquisitions and significant older collections, the spatial, temporal and affective dimensions of a quality that in English we term ‘red’. 

UQAM holds many items that might be distinguished as ‘red’ with its large collections of early twentieth century hunting and gathering equipment made by Indigenous Australians, much of it coated in red ochres, shell and feather valuables used in Pacific cultural exchange and things incorporating colonially traded red beads, buttons and cloth. 

Red is well known as a multivalent symbol across cultures, expressive of emotional and spiritual extremes, of danger, desire, loudness, joy, heat, blood, rage and in western culture the state of fiscal insolvency. 

This exhibition sets out to be an immersive experience, a challenge to the gallery visitor to consider the capacities, effects and affects of ‘red’ as an energizer of things and people, and as an animator of space - even a means of making things alive. 


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