Dear friends..please take the time to enjoy this month's edition of the Palette. You may have noticed that this edition is pared down in comparison to previous editions. This is due to lack of submissions or lack of permission to use content. At this stage, unless other people give their permission to use their work, this edition may well be the final edition. Just a reminder that only low resolution images are used in The Palette and that all images are linked back to your personal website and acknowledged. This is just a way to get your work out there and more visible in other forms. I am running this site in my own time and I am not getting any advertising or monetary benefits. I am happy to continue this journal for the sake of the community but in order for me to be able to continue to do so, I do need your help. 

If you would like The Palette to continue then fill out the consent form here or if you would like to contribute to the blog simply enter the info here

All that aside and without further ado, here is the link to edition 5


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