Think your old rusty bicycles belong in the dumpster? Think again. Yes, that old bike can indeed be reincarnated if it falls in the right hands. Carolina Fontoura Alzaga's hands to be exact. Alzaga transforms bicycle chains into beautifully rustic looking chandeliers. Her passion is repurposing castoff materials, and she does it well.

Since medieval times, chandeliers have been used as elaborate decorations associated with wealth and power. Alzaga shatters this concept with her warm and elegant designs. Using aspects of her cultural past from Mexico, Brazil, and the U.S., she is able to create unique and appealing artwork. She aims to combine the idea of discarded and forgotten items with the power and influence associated with chandeliers. Using her creativity and visions of a healthier planet, she gives 'trash' a second chance.

Below is a video that describes Alzaga's mission to preserve our world. You can order your own chandelier here. Alzaga handcrafts each one upon order.

article originally posted January 8, 2013 by Bryanna Murphy

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